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LAPIP® Protocol
Rochester, NY

A model of a healthy gum with dental implant at Rochester Periodontal & Dental Implants in Rochester, NY

LAPIP® Protocol

Can Help Protect Your Dental Implants

•  Stop progression of disease
•  Destroy bacteria causing inflamation
•  Save healthy gum tissues
•  Encourage new bone growth

What is peri - implantitis?

Peri-implantitis is an infection occurring around a dental Implant. Gums may be red, inflamed, or receding. This infection causes bone loss and eventual loss of the implant itself.

What is the difference between peri-muctositis and peri - implantitis?

Both are an infection around the implant; peri-mucotitis is the early stages of the infection and does not involve bone loss. Peri - implantitis is the progression of the infection and includes bone loss.

What if you don't treat?

If you choose not to treat the infection around your dental implant, the dental implant will become loose and may fall out; the infection can spread to the teeth around the implant.

What causes peri-implantits?

Just as there are many causes of gum disease, there are many causes of peri-implant infections including poor oral care and grinding your teeth. Risk factors include medical issues such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and a poor immune system. Smokers and patients with an initial diagnosis of gum disease are a higher risk of implant loss.

Simple Treatment, Amazing results

•  Most patients need just one treatment
•  Less pain and more comfortable healing than other surgical options
•  Kills bacteria without harming healthy tissue
•  Minimizes gum recession for a confident smile.
•  100% natural - no foreign materials or growth factors used
•  Safe for medically compromised patients and those on blood thinners or those with diabetes.

Minimally invasive laser treatment

The Lapip protocol uses the PerioLaser MVP-7 dental laser to help save your implant

•  Laser Vaporizes bacteria, diseased tissue, and titanium corrosion contaminants in soft tissue.
•  Laser is used to form a stable blood clot containing activated stem cells from your own bone and create a sealed gum pocket.
•  Bite trauma is adjusted
•  Implant is reintegrated into bone

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LAPIP Protocol Rochester Periodontal and Dental Implants
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